September 11, 2008

A la xkcd

Inspired Shamelessly lifted from everybody's favourite comic:

Nobody hates Hugo

OK, I see too much Lost [check], I use Google for obscure and/or useless searches [check], my lame puns link to Wikipedia articles [check], I read xkcd fanatically [check] *and* I use Photoshop to edit the sketches [double triple check].

Yup, I am a big time geek.

Oh, and I obviously hate the bitch. Her face makes my dry heave. Her voice is like ground glass in my ears (ground on the inside of my ears, that is) and her manners wake up the spree killer inside me.

And -one *last* thing, it must be the 5th update by now-, I trully apologize for using the devil's own font on the Holy Grail, but I didn't really have any other options for emulating Randall's handwriting. And after all, Comic Sans was made for comics, duh!

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